Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ever Yours, Ever Mine, Ever Ours...

Morning and evening I dream of you next to me, Day and night I want to be breathing you, said he; Hoping to live our dream soon one day, Tied by a knot unbreakable as they say; Waking up in paradise, mine and yours, ‘We Do’ are the words, mine and yours… “Matches are made in Heaven”, is what everyone says. Wedding vows we take once in a lifetime with that special someone. And such once in a lifetime moments are meant to be cherished and lived to the fullest, to be celebrated with family, friends and well-wishers. Celebrations are not just limited to the big day. There are several pre-wedding events that can be planned to help get your guests in the festive spirit, and for the bride and groom to have some real fun amongst all the hectic preparations. These days, family and friends can live on opposite sides of the country, and even possibly the world, so weddings are often the only time many family members see one another. Due to this there is now a growing trend to plan more activities and parties for the wedding extravaganza, to make the most of the fact of everyone being together. When you are looking for something extraordinary that is truly and uniquely Indian for your pre wedding functions. The delicate nature of the relationships and religious functions are very important. Sangeet Sandhya or Mehendi or Haldi or the more fancy Cocktail Nights, a wedding is an absolute bash to be enjoyed once in a lifetime. Wedding, indeed is the biggest and the most important part of any couple’s life. Every couple has their own ideas of how their “Big Day” should be nothing less than “Perfect” of course. Every couple brings forward their choice of that picture perfect day to be cherished for the rest of their lives. They want undoubtedly, to look the best and feel on 7th heaven. The customs of Indian Weddings are iconic of every promise made by the couple to each other, from the most obvious “Baraat, Tilak, Saat Pheras, Kanyadaan, Bidaai” to name a few. Each and every ritual establishes the merging of two lives to become one. Indian weddings are the only weddings which do not tie the knot only between the Groom & the Bride but also their Families. The customs each signify promises to be kept through the lives of the couple, binding their souls to be one forever. Therefore Indian weddings tie the couple to become Soul Mates. Reception, a more modern and recent extended form of the wedding celebrations for all the guests and families. Time for the couple to enjoy the Limelight and shine in the joyous glory of being the “Newly-Weds’. It’s a time to rejoice the unison of two beautiful souls bound to each other through eternity. Blessings being showered from all their loved ones. Truly a day, a moment and a way to celebrate the most Important day of a couple’s life with family and friends and loved ones, all under one roof with love and blessings pouring through their hearts. It’s the time when the Couple is greeted by every one of their guests. Let the celebrations begin as the Couple has changed their status from Single to Married, let the Wedding Reception be enjoyed by the couple and the guests equally. Thus beginning the new life bound by love through life and vows, when they both say, "Until Death Do Us Apart... Forever Yours, Forever Mine, Forever Ours..."

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