Friday, March 1, 2013

Theme Wedding!!!

THEME WEDDING - A Theme Wedding makes your day very unique and different from the regular face of weddings. Theme based weddings add a touch of class, fun and style to your most awaited day. It also Gives an insight of the kind of person you are and it adds onto the flavor of the celebrations, an individual personal flavor. As it’s truly said, “To each his own”. A theme is an extension of you, with no replays allowed!!! If you choose to be different and want your wedding to be remembered as one of the most unique weddings ever, then go on pick a Theme. Flowers, seasons, colors, Fairytales, places, countries, just about anything you can think of, whether you like the Peacock or the Lotus, if you are the Bride who dreamed of being Cinderella or love the Snow a lot, no matter if you are the very outdoorsy couple to enjoy the beach or wanna enjoy a nice Moroccan evening, the possibilities are infinite.. What’s your theme gonna be then??

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